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Our Food Truck is Available for Rental

The “It's a Matter of Taste” food truck connects us to local communities throughout the Midlands. We visit neighborhoods in the Columbia area offering cooked-to-order meals. Each week, the food truck features a different menu such as American, Greek or Mexican cuisine.

Born out of our relationship with the South Carolina Department of Agriculture, the It's a Matter of Taste Food Truck incorporates products from local farms as often as possible. Our menu items use the freshest ingredients.

At our neighborhood outings, we offer frozen Simply Dupre prepared meals for families to heat and serve at the dinner table, as well as Mocktails by Dupre (which adults can add their favorite liquor to at home).

When not in neighborhoods, our food truck serves our community in a wide range of ways, from fun food at parties and festivals to disaster relief. In fact, we built our predecessor food truck specifically to serve power company crews repairing lines after hurricanes and ice storms. We always stand ready to provide this vital service when called upon by Dominion Energy and MCEC.